October 13, 2011


First stop: Stewart's!

It's a regional chain that has gas stations and a bakery (apple cider donuts!) and they make Stewart's soda and they have a dairy (ice cream!) plus a dairy bar in every shop!! It's the best place.

Greg and I got extra-thick chocolate shakes and a pack o' donuts.


Firewood for the woodstove in the cabin we rented.

Plastic must be removed before burning wood. FYI.


  1. They also have their own lemonade! made with real sugar! oh my lord I love stewarts! I even love the constant lottery ticket chime thing... but maybe thats just at the one I know... but its like a rule that their employees must be in some way loveable I've often thought

  2. i'm going to the sheep and wool festival in rhinebeck tomorrow and i pray there is a stewarts close by!