October 20, 2011

After the Sheep and Wool Festival

Eveready Diner!

I got the meatloaf.

Then I et it.

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  1. Sheep meatloaf, perchance?
    The blighters I work for have blocked us from participating in social networks. We're allowed to look (at blogs etc. ) but not touch. How thoroughly boring of them - you'd think they expect us to work or somethin'!So though I check every day to see what's been going on in Brooklyn - one of my current fixations of places I'd love to visit - I have been muted. HA! Just as well I have 4 days off work so I can chatter away to heart's content.
    Note - as I am an avid collector of anything, every time I spot curbside manna in Melbourne, I cast a thought your way. I get some good shit here, I tell ya!
    xx the artist formerly known as Tracy