January 2, 2012


My little sister gave me this old picture.

That's us at my grandparents' house on Iroquois Court in Warrenville, Illinois, in 1980 or 1981; you can see our older sister's leg sticking in the picture at left (she's sitting at the games table).

There were a ping-pong table and model trains in the basement, and a river behind the house with beavers in it.


  1. i love this! and that furniture is AWESOME, btw. and! you were blonde!?!

  2. My sis is the blondie; I am the frenchbraided brunette. My grandparents' house was amazing. . . Npte how jumbo the tree is!

  3. I've shown other little-kid pictures of me and you to people and they always think the brunette is me!