January 9, 2012

Found tonight!

A handmade wooden dollhouse.

Cool, huh?

A car came by and lit it up with its headlights.

I didn't take it home, but now I regret it!! (This got an eye roll from Greg).


  1. Can't even comment I wish this was mine so bad...

  2. I shoulda taken it!! UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH

  3. Had to look into this because I had a guess... It was made by steve keene!! most excellent artist! assembly line panting etc. I bet you know it. Lots of album covers... He was doing this plywood stuff for a while I have some of it.

    look! http://stevekeene.com/hits.html go to image 11... I do think it was a treasure, though I wouldn't have the space for it either!

    Oh I am such a devoted reader of your blog I can't tell you! :^)

  4. OH. MY. GOD! This goes to show what happens when you try to reform your bad habits (ie, cluttering up your house with random items from the street)--you leave an ARTWORK on the side of the road. FFFFFpppfpfpfpffff!

  5. oh no! don't fret!! I bet the minute you turned the corner the perfect houseowner came along. Its probably being furnished as we spk.! Though I WAS reflecting it could be used backwards as a bookshelf until further arrangements are made...! also- if you haven't been to MCNY - they have awesome permanent dollhouse exhibition. Someone should have given it to them! MCNY also has costumed mannequins in their period rooms omg. Anyway thanks for reminding me of my love for SK!!