February 8, 2012


In a bag hanging on a fence!

In case you're curious (I was):

"Now They Call It 'Sweatshirt Dressing'"


  1. Early Betsey! before she found her "voice" !! that is really something. looks like acrylic, which nobody minded back then... reminds me of how I love reading iris murdoch where she describes everybody's beautiful rayon fashions...
    well done!! yet again!

  2. Awesome!! Man. You find the best stuff. Cool link too! Heavy research...



  3. I love your blog, and your taste. I live in Sweden. I used to wonder how you could find such cool stuff in the streets all the time. But someone explained to me that stuff is put out in the streets every night in the New York-area when people dont want it anymore and that it is not frowned upon at all. Well, even if that's true it seems you have a special knack for finding the good stuff.